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Я иду на урок

Класс: 6

Тема: Дом

Конспект урока

1.    Организованное начало урока

1. Приветствие.

-Hello, my dear friends! How are you? I'm happy to see you again! I like our English lessons , the language and you. Different people like different things and want to keep them forever.

          2.  Постановка темы урока

         People in Britain like their homes very much. They have a lot of proverbs about homes. Let's practice their reading from the board:

East or West, home is best.

Every dog is a lion at home.

My home is my castle.

Explain, please, what they mean! Can you remember some Russian equivalents


2.              Основная часть урока


-Why do we like our homes?

 There are a lot of things which make houses cosy, beautiful, and comfortable.

2.    Работа у доски. Look at these expressions and complete their names:


A d…ning room, a bedr…om, a ki…chen, a h…ll, a li…ing room, a comp…ter, a tele…one, a s…fa, a w…ll, r…nning w…ter, a cha…r, a book…elf, c…rtains, centr…l h…ting.


         3.  Игра с предлогами All things have their places at home. To tell it we should know prepositions of place. Use them and answer my questions, please: Where is my ball – in the box or on it? ( is it in front of the box or behind it.,…,…)



4.Новый материал урока

It' s not a secret, that people live in different places: city, country, town, suburb, village. Some people have a house. The others have a flat. Tourists live in a hotel, students live in a hostel. People prefer a multistory house or a cottage.But sometimes there are very unusual residences. Will you try to match theirnames with their pictures.


Some British people tell about their living in these houses. Listen to them, please, and find out: “Do they like their homes or not?”


·        Now I offer you to work in groups. One group will read about one house only. Find out what is good and what is bad in these houses .


3.    Закрепление изученного материала.

Well, groups, can you tell us your ideas? Use the model for your answers:

“Living in a … is good (bad) , because…..”


·        Now express your opinion about a good house with the help of exercise 1 from AB at page41.


4.    Подведение итогов урока. Задание на дом.

We have worked a lot. Let's make a conclusion. What have we learnt today?


Ответы учащихся


Well done! Your marks are 5 for…,4 for…


·        At home make up a story about a house you would like to live in and explain, why.

Use Ex.6 p.59 from SB, Ex.1 p.41 from AB and models:

I can V ; I like Ving ; In a good house you can see…


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